Our Mission & Values

Traversa’s Mission… Always Find a Better Way.

Traversa strives for excellence in our search for continuous improvement in finding a better way to serve our channel partners and product manufacturers. Our unique service delivery and methodology has transformed Traversa into a leading service provider that consistently delivers quality IT services – on time, within budget, and profitably for our resellers.

Traversa’s Core Values are ingrained in what we do each day.

At Traversa, we pride ourselves on our Core Values that are evident in every project we undertake:

  • Process Centric Teamwork
  • Knowledge-Driven and Adaptable Approach
  • Client Focus
  • Accountability

Traversa encourages cross-training and personal development of our engineers and product managers to ensure a level of confidence and expertise with virtually every emerging IT technology and across multi-vendor environments. This delivers value for our customers as it allows you to expand the reach of your network services portfolio with cutting-edge solutions – which, in turn, equates to value for your customers.

It is because of these company-wide values that help set Traversa apart. Our successful business model empowers product manufacturers and channel partners to confidently expand their businesses within the investment constraints that exist today. Traversa will always find better ways to support channel partners in market conditions that demand change and where new technologies are continuously evolving, which subsequently allows you to better serve your customers and grow your business.

Our Story

Established in 2009, Traversa is a National IT service provider who is in constant pursuit of delivering quality solutions — a better way.

After spending several years within the traditional IT sales channel, our Company founders knew there was a better way to provide service delivery to channel partners. To challenge the industry norm, Traversa Solutions was established, and introduced a new standard for delivering reliable and cost-effective technology services, while adapting to the ever-changing and complex IT landscape. Traversa’s proven service approach has been well received and provides great value to channel partners, given our advanced level of technical expertise, our strong manufacturer relationships, and our highly efficient processes and methodology that will best complement and benefit organizations.

Traversa’s Corporate Headquarters is centrally located in Dallas, TX, where we offer a nationwide company reach. Our dedicated business development team is strategically positioned across the U.S. in order to provide the highest level of service and support for our channel partners and their customers. Adjacent to our Headquarter offices is Traversa’s state-of-the-art warehouse, which includes our Integration Facility where we store and/or stage all equipment for customer deployments. Traversa maintains 20 high-tech staging stations that allow our engineers to configure multiple projects concurrently, yet separated physically and logically.

Traversa prides itself on three distinct company characteristics which have remained consistent since Day 1: Ease of doing business with us; our Team that’s passionate and progressive-thinking; and our steadfast position and dedication as your Trusted Partner. Traversa’s proven project delivery methodology comes with our commitment that we will see your customer’s project through to completion. Your success is our top priority.