Technologies Served


The backbone of your customer’s network is their LAN/WAN. Traversa’s engineers bring technical expertise to review all services, routing protocols and port configurations to implement a physical and logical design that meets a customer’s requirements and results in a successful deployment. Our project includes documentation and knowledge transfer that ensures your customer will understand the details of their network in an efficient and organized manner.


Traversa has the expertise in designing, configuring, and implementing SD-WAN projects from start to finish. We’ll build a custom scope of work tailored to your customer’s specific engagement and unique needs, and successfully deploy the SD-WAN solution accordingly. In fact, our proficiency with SD-WAN has established Traversa as a manufacturer’s Advanced Deployment Partner.


Traversa has effectively implemented Wi-Fi networks for customers, with needs ranging from a single wireless AP, to multi-site engagements, up to more complex networks that support critical healthcare systems. Traversa will design, implement, or validate WLAN services as defined by our channel partner’s request.

Network Access Control

Traversa is often recommended by product manufacturers for NAC deployments across the U.S. in developing, designing, and delivering high level NAC solutions tailored to your customer’s specific needs.

Network Security

We understand the importance of network security given the ever-increasing threat landscape that impacts networks daily. Traversa will secure protection for your customer’s network across all postures and environments, as well as ensure the network is in regulation compliance.